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What good is it if your customers can't find you?

  • My specialization is internet stores.

  • Quick start of online sales within 2 weeks - $800.

  • I create platforms for sales management from a single window.

  • Personal experience in owning, developing, and launching internet stores since 2009.


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I specialize in building sales management ecosystems online, where the internet store serves as the central funnel for traffic, orders, and leads from all communication channels.

Market Research & Strategy

Profitability, demand, audience, customer profile, structure, and positioning

I don't create websites just for the sake of having a website. The foundation of a successful internet store is its project (strategy). Before starting to create an internet store, it's necessary to analyze competitors, establish positioning online, design the interaction of communication channels. Understand your target audience and form a customer profile. This will be the basis for building the structure and design of the internet store.

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Creating an Internet Store

Includes automation of sales, marketing, and inventory management

An online store is not just a website with a product catalog and a shopping cart; it's a complete ecosystem for sales management. It includes sales, marketing, and inventory management. All of this should be integrated into one management system so that you can manage sales from a single window. Business process automation, increased efficiency, and convenience for the customer.

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SEO Promotion

Audit, semantics, optimization, links

SEO Promotion β‰  one-time service. It's a set of actions to improve the website's positions in search engines. It includes website audit, semantic core, website optimization, content, links, analytics, and competitor analysis.

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Consultations & Support

Support, assistance, and consultations

Support and consultations on marketing, promotion, sales management, and technical support issues. Assistance in problem-solving. Support and consultations on marketing, promotion, sales management, and technical support issues.

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Who is DevOsa?

DevOsa β€” it's Sergey Osadchenko, a versatile SEO Marketer, WEB developer, and just a cool person. From trading business to web developers. Here are a few facts about me:

  1. First internet store in 2009

    I launched my first profitable internet store in 2009. It was a store selling automotive light bulbs.

  2. Owned a business in the HoReCa goods industry

    Since 2013, I have been running my business trading coffee online, which grew into supplying consumables for cafes and restaurants.

  3. Head of Marketing Department in manufacturing

    Since 2019, I have been heading the marketing department from scratch at a factory producing craft bags for one of my suppliers. Having successfully sold my business, I fully dedicated myself to marketing and development.

  4. Developing tools for marketers

    I have created and continue to develop tools for marketers and business owners.

My Projects

I prefer deep immersion in a project and managing it from marketing, development, launch, to process automation implementation. Therefore, I don't work in bulk; I take on a very limited number of projects, only those that appeal to me.

  1. Online Store for Automotive Light Bulbs

    As a second-year student at the transport university, I decided to launch an online store for automotive light bulbs. Our supplier, assembled the site using a constructor, put advertising on his car, and started selling bulbs right out of the trunk...
  2. HoReCa Goods Business

    At the peak of mobile coffee shops, I succumbed to the temptation to own one of them. But quickly realized that it's better to sell coffee for coffee shops than to stand on the street by a coffee machine. So I started selling coffee, cups, syrups, and other equipment for coffee shops...
  3. Ranked a Factory for Bags in the Top 3 on Google

    I've always been drawn to marketing, SEO, and programming. When one of the supplier-manufacturers suggested creating and leading a marketing department, I couldn't refuse. Within 2 months, the online store was ready, and within 6 months, it was in the Top 3 on Google...
  4. This Website & Marketing Tools

    Today, I'm passionate about developing web tools, as well as a full-fledged application for marketers, specifically SEO specialists. This website is my project, which I develop in my spare time. I use all my knowledge and experience to make it as useful as possible for marketers...

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